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Whether you’re looking for something temporary or part-time, or you need a stable, full-time employment, we can connect you with an opportunity that fits your needs and lifestyle. We are a recruitment agency dedicated to helping our clients in whatever capacity they need.


Hiring services

Be it graduate trainee, entry level, senior and management level roles, we attract, search for and engage the best talents using our expertise and an unrivalled professional network. We employ the highest level of commitment to deliver results ensuring that you get value for every dime you pay as salary in the following divisions:
a) Full-time Staffing.
b) Contract/Temp Staffing.
c) Temp to Perm Staffing.

Consulting, Coaching and Training Services

Draw from over 3 decades of combined experience in the telecoms value chain for your coaching, consulting and training needs in sales & Marketing, Networking, Business Development, Optical and Microwave Transmission Networks, Customer Care Service, Technical Budget Presentation and/or Procurement as well as other related roles in the ICT/Telecom sector

Add-on services

In addition, we are able to recommend psychometric profiling tools that measure the specific competencies or behaviours being sought. Where necessary, we also undertake qualification checks with tertiary institutions, credit and criminal record checks. The entire process is relevant Labour law compliant. The production of a short-list is only part of the process for our team. They will facilitate the interview process to its conclusion. To this end, they provide guidance and support to your line managers during the hiring process. Reference checking is an integral part of our process. Our belief is that a candidate’s historic behavioural patterns are likely to be repeated. To this end we undertake comprehensive reference checks to validate our interview findings. The thoroughness of the process reduces, significantly, the likelihood of any surprise once a candidate commences duties and therefore reduces the risk inherent in every new hire.

Sales & marketing Advisory Services

We walk with your team to develop strategies for projected Sales, Product launch and Business development. We offer a comprehensive service that identifies the role requirements in the organization and subsequently determine the job description and skill requirements for that role.

Business Operating System (BOS) Consultation

We are experts at helping businesses increase or sustain their chance of survival by successfully building and co-implementing a customized business operating system. A business operating system (BOS) is your company’s unique way of doing things. We build strategic BOS that transcends the people who are doing and managing the work thus producing more valuable result because a business that effectively operates without you is always more attractive to public and private sources of capital.

Personalized Recruitment

  1. Career Progression Master Class
  2. Program Career Starter Program

CV Review

  1. Graduation/Entry level package
  2. Professional package
  3. CV Revamp or editing package

Referral Package

Skill Up 2020 Training

SME Recruitment Package

Focus on Your Mission while we focus on your HR

We clearly understand you and your business needs, so we develop long-term recruitment partnerships. By matching you with top talents, whether temporary or permanent, you’ll notice an increase in productivity leaving you to focus on doing what you do best.

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